Laboratory Renovation – Time Lapse

From August From August to October, the laboratory of the architecture course was renovated. This video summarizes the sequence of events. The specific process is as follows.
① Dismantling the existing frame
② Rooftop clearance of the pump room
③ Concrete pouring on the south floor
④ Preparation of CFT test specimens and autogenous shrinkage test specimens
⑤ Concrete pouring on the center floor
We are planning to conduct various experiments in the newly renovated laboratory!
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2022.08.06 Operation

As part of the operation, we dismantled the frame for temporary storage in the laboratory. We have uploaded a time-lapse video of the operation from start to finish on YouTube, so please take a look.

Strain aging test was completed!

The large-scale experiment to verify strain aging, for which Ms. Nakagawa of M2 was primarily responsible, was completed, and the test specimens were removed after loading.
It was a spectacular sight to see the 14 specimens lined up in a matrix. We would like to thank Ms. Nakagawa, who was in charge of this project, for her hard work.