Structural Dynamics

Refereed Journal Articles

Sho Fukutomi, Taichiro Okazaki, Ryota Matsui, Tetsuhiro Asari. (2020). “Influence of viscous damping model on the time-history response analysis of eplastic-plastic systems. Part 1: Comparison of damping models.” Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering, Architectural Institute of Japan. 85, 778, 1555-1563. (in Japanese with English Synopsis).  

Conference Proceedings

Taichiro Okazaki, Akiri Seki, Hashini Herath, Takuya Nagae. (2020). “Numerical simulation of fracture propagation in high-rise buildings subjected to long period-long duration earthquakes.” 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (17WCEE), Paper No. C004008, Sendai, Japan, September 27-October 2, 2021.